RP100: Schleich Fantasy Set

Key data

Category: RP - Role Play

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3 years +

Number of pieces: 16

Number of unique pieces: 11


2 Rock Mountain Structures

2 Dragons (1 red fire, 1 white ice)

2 Bears (one standing, 1 walking)

2 Pegasus Winged Horses (1 pink, 1 blue)

2 Unicorn Horses (1 green leaf saddle, 1 blue saddle)

1 Fairy Surah (Blue yellow wings holding green parrot)

1 Green Parrot

1 Fairy Eyela (blue wings and blue dress holding purple flower)

1 Fairy Freya (Pink Dress pink wings holding a mirror)

1 Fairy Sera (Yellow dress, yellow wings holding white flowers)

1 Wood block with crystals on it

Sponsor: LotteryWest 2019 Grant


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